52: What the Hack?

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Challenges and Pitfalls of Change Efforts:
  • solutionitis – inflamed, too many solutions
  • jumping to solution implementation before unpacking it, the quick fix
  • overplanning, underdiagnosis
  • can lead to change fatigue and risk aversion
  • confirmation bias – looking only for the YES in the feedback loop and not the NO’s
  • know systems deeply
  • try several things – persistence
  • innovate
  • set up low stake tests to try out new ideas
Hacket Tips:
  1. Chunk it down
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Use small tests
  4. Shift your mindset – learn, not plan
Recommended Reads:

3-sowhatTeachers are constantly problem solving.  They are also role players in broader solutions that affect the whole school.  A hacker’s approach to problem solving could help stakeholders solve problems in innovative and tested ways.

Preparation Steps
  • Find a problem connected to student learning that is worth solving
  • Research and brainstorm solutions related to the problem
  • Research and brainstorm ways to gather data that test various solutions
Early Implementation Steps
  • Trial solutions and gather data on their effectiveness from students and other methods
Advanced Implementation Steps

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