About this blog


I have been avidly taking notes in composition notebooks of all the brains I’ve eaten to become better at the craft of being a Project Based Learning (PBL) educator.  I am writing this blog to remind myself of the things I’ve annotated and to hopefully better place them in my and other teachers’ brains so that the lessons can be applied to improve PBL.

This is my Super Notebook. I believe that PBL teachers have to be good at tremendous number of things.  This is why the Category menu of this blog includes a wide variety of topics.  This blog shows my attempts to become decent at a good number of them.

This blog can be divided into 3 main parts.  A big bulk of the blog is composed of my notes on many books I’ve studied to become better at my job.  These articles are structured in the following way:


Citation of tasty brain source


Summary of the tastiest things the brain offered


Why the brain morsels are worth digesting


A ladder checklist for putting brain morsels into play

Preparation steps – what to do to prepare for early success

Early implementation steps – signs of early success

Advanced implementation steps – things to try after achieving early success


Hyperlinks to related brain morsels

All of these articles are linked by their original source in the By the Book page in this blog.

Another major part of the blog is composed of my accounts of @ThinkGlobalPBL trainings throughout the USA and the World.  These are all linked in the On The Map page of this blog.

While training teachers in Think Global PBL trainings, I’ve gotten many questions about the day-to-day operations in facilitating and designing projects.  This is very tricky to answer.  To make a good attempt at showing all the details that go into PBL, I wrote a series of blog articles called A Tale of 2+ Projects that describes everything that goes into managing and designing 2 projects at one time.