179: SCANS Skills & Competencies



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5 Workplace Competencies:
  1. Resources
    • knows how to allocate time, money, materials, space and staff
  2. Interpersonal Skills
    • work on teams
    • teach others
    • serve customers
    • negotiate and work well with diverse teams
  3. Information
    • acquire, evaluate, organize, interpret and communicate data
    • use technology tools
  4. Systems
    • understand social, organization and technological systems
    • monitor and correct performances
    • design and improve systems
  5. Technology
    • maintain and troubleshoot equipment
    • select the right technology tool for the right task
3 Foundational Skills:
  1. Basic skills
    • reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and listening
  2. Thinking skills
    • ability to learn, reason, think creatively, make decision and solve problems
  3. Personal qualities
    • individual responsibility, self esteem, self-management, sociability and integrity
The SCAN skills were designed by the Departments of Labor and Education to help educators prepare students for the workplace.  Designing scaffolding and assessments around the SCAN skills will help students better learn content and practices skills that prepare them for lifelong learning and careers.


Preparation Steps
  • Evaluate knowledge and skills of the course
  • Make lists that specify how students will apply SCAN skills to succeed in your course
  • Create character learning targets based on content versions of the SCAN skills
  • Prepare scaffolding and assessments that align to character learning targets based on the SCAN skills
Early Implementation Steps
  • Implement scaffolding and assessments that align to character learning targets based on the SCAN skills
  • Use formative assessment feedback to refine activities and to guide students to revise their understandings and products
Advanced Implementation Steps
  • Collaborate with other teachers to develop vertical sequencing of instruction related to SCAN skills
  • Develop routines that empower students to practice SCAN skills



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