82: Social Action Papers

Chapter 8 in Daniels, Harvey, Steven Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke.  Content-area Writing: Every Teacher’s Guide.  Portmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2007.  Print.       Social Action Papers Any writing assignment that connects learning targets with real issues in the community Uses: Develop research and persuasive writing skills Develop citizenship values and skills Student learn how to use […]

81: Multigenre Projects

Chapter 8 in Daniels, Harvey, Steven Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke.  Content-area Writing: Every Teacher’s Guide.  Portmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2007.  Print.       Multigenre Project Instead of one long research paper, students compose several shorter pieces focused on a single topic Recommended related reading: Blending Genre, Altering Styles by Tom Romano Writing with Passion by Tom Romano […]

Project Management: Inquiry

Inquiry is formulating relevant questions to gain information and knowledge.  Systems that leverage inquiry to build student engagement promote: Living Versions of Knows & Need-to-Knows lists Professional Work Cycles that Promote Inquiry Use of Student Observations / Data to Teach Abstract Concepts Use of Models to Explore Work Criteria   Living Versions of Knows & […]

A Tale of Two Projects: Week 2 IPE Emerging Tech (NSF Project)

This blog entry describes what my students and I did during Week 2 of the Emerging Tech (NSF Grant) project.  The events in this blog entry took place at the same time as the events in this article.  As a pair, these describe what a PBL teacher does while running two projects in two different […]

A Tale of Two Projects: Week 1 Algebra 2 Sports Science Project

The first week of the 4th-six-weeks grading period was a short one at Cedars International Next Generation High School due to a school holiday on Monday, 1/16, and Benchmark testing on 1/17.  The 3 remaining days were still quite dense.  In this time, we launched two projects in my two main preps, Algebra 2 and […]

169: Assessing Academic Behaviors & Skills

Chapter 8 and Angelo, Thomas A., and K. Patricia Cross.  Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. Print.        Productive Study-Time Logs Description Students keep simple records of how long, what time and how well they study at different times of the day. Purpose Students learn: how much they study for a specific course how […]

123: Alternate Question Response Formats

Chapter 3 in Walsh, Jackie A., and Beth d. Sattes.  Quality Questioning: Research-based Practice to Engage Every Learning.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2005.  Print.         Choral Responses What – Class answers at once in unison Why – Check for understanding, review, reinforce knowledge, drill & practice How – Develop routine cue to signal time […]

70: Quick Writes (2 of 2)

Chapter 3 in Daniels, Harvey, Steven Zemelman, and Nancy Steineke.  Content-area Writing: Every Teacher’s Guide.  Portmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2007.  Print.       4 More Quick Writes (for 3 other straggles, go here)   Brainstorming: coming up with lots of ideas in a short amount of time goal = quantity over quality Possible uses: could be […]

By the Book

NOTE:  ALL BOOK & LOGO IMAGES ARE ACTIVE HYPERLINKS TO BOOKS, WEB RESOURCES, OR ORGS. ENJOY!  🙂       01 : Why teach in the challenge zone? 02 : Scaffolding academic literacy 03 : Learning in the challenge zone 04 : What is curriculum literacy? 05 : Engaging in academic literacy 06 : Scaffolding […]

51: Amping Up the Authenticity

Gant, Kevin.  “Amping up the Authencity.”  New Tech Network.  Chicago.  24 July 2015.  Workshop.   Note: This link will only work if you’re logged into Echo.  Sorry, non-New Tech readers.  If you’d like to get access to more related information, check out Kevin Gant’s blog at https://intrepidedblog.wordpress.com/       Evolution of projects from towards more authenticity: […]