24: Checks for Understanding

Chapter 2 in Berger, Ron, Leah Rugen, and Libby Woodfin.  Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming School through Student-engaged Assessment. Print.     Checks for Understanding Techniques: oral, written, and visual techniques, implemented in variety or groupings (individually, in teams), that teachers and students use to assess content   Benefits of Checks for Understanding: Students monitor their […]

Happy List: Parramatta Edition

  Over my spring break, I was VERY fortunate to have the opportunity to visit and exchange ideas with 9 amazing campuses in the Parramatta Diocese in Parramatta, Australia.  After five days of school visits and workshops, my brain is full of an overwhelming array of memories, snapshots, ideas, and exchanges.  There are too many […]

Project Management: Inquiry

Inquiry is formulating relevant questions to gain information and knowledge.  Systems that leverage inquiry to build student engagement promote: Living Versions of Knows & Need-to-Knows lists Professional Work Cycles that Promote Inquiry Use of Student Observations / Data to Teach Abstract Concepts Use of Models to Explore Work Criteria   Living Versions of Knows & […]

A Tale of Two Projects: Week 2 IPE Emerging Tech (NSF Project)

This blog entry describes what my students and I did during Week 2 of the Emerging Tech (NSF Grant) project.  The events in this blog entry took place at the same time as the events in this article.  As a pair, these describe what a PBL teacher does while running two projects in two different […]

A Tale of Two Projects: Week 1 Algebra 2 Sports Science Project

The first week of the 4th-six-weeks grading period was a short one at Cedars International Next Generation High School due to a school holiday on Monday, 1/16, and Benchmark testing on 1/17.  The 3 remaining days were still quite dense.  In this time, we launched two projects in my two main preps, Algebra 2 and […]

A Tale of Two Projects: Week 0

In this blog mini-series, I will reveal how the Project-Based Learning (PBL) sausage is made.  I will describe week-by-week how two projects evolved in my two main preps (Algebra 2 and Integrated Physics / Engineering). The series begins one week before project launch to show how projects are designed and how project launches are prepared. […]

212: Discussion Techniques (2 of 3)

Chapter 7 from Barkley, Elizabeth F., K. Patricia Cross, and Claire Howell.  Collaborative Learning Techniques: A handbook for College Faculty.  San Francisco, CA: Josey-Bass, 2005. Print.     Discussion Technique 3 of 6: Buzz Groups What this is: Groups of 4 to 6 students who are informally gathered in order to quickly discuss a couple questions […]