25: Engaging Students with Data





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Engaging Students with Data: Teach students how to gather and use data on their student work in order to set and meet goals


Benefits of Engaging Students with Data:
  • Builds metacognition
  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches students how to use self-knowledge to transform themselves
Data Strategies:
  • Create a safe data culture
  • Use checklists to track typical errors – students use these checklists to identify and count typical errors in their work
  • Students and teachers look for patterns in recurrent assessments to see if students are progressing towards goals
  • Align assessment, assessment analysis/reflection tools, and learning targets
  • Set feasible, clear individual and class goals
  • Alert parents to data inquiry cycle – what it is, why it’s useful and how to get involved in it
  • Promote growth mindset
See benefits listed above.  In addition, teaching students how to analyze their own learning data will teach them a life skill that will enable them to pursue and track their own goals outside school.



Preparation Steps
  • Research tools that can be built into routines that help students track their data over time
  • Research activities that can be used to build trust and illustrate the usefulness of tracking data
  • Build a culture that values mistakes and progress through sustained effort
Early Implementation Steps
  • Introduces tools (e.g. checklists of common pitfalls) that help students classify mistakes so they can develop a more clear picture of how to improve
  • Model how to gather and organize data that illustrates progress of student learning “over time”
  • Help students set class and individual goals that can be tracked by data
Advanced Implementation Steps
  • Implement systems of data checks that enable students to graph and visualize their progress over time
  • Design assessment practices and tools that allow students to track progress towards character learning targets



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